Retex Northwest makes it easy for you to recycle unwanted clothing and fabrics.
Please recycle your unwanted clothes, shoes and linens.

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Retex Northwest, Inc, recycling for a cleaner America and a brighter future for those less fortunate.

Retex Northwest- your partner in recycling clothing, shoes and linens.

Recycling textiles benefits people around the world Together with your help we can make the world a better place.

Retex Northwest is working within the northwest community to develop comprehensive and strategic environmental solutions for recycling unwanted cloths, shoes, backpacks and other textiles. Our greatest goals — providing recycled clothing to people in need, while reducing our solid waste landfills. In 2003, 10.6 million tons of textiles ended up in U.S. solid waste landfills. The garments you recycle will benefit people all over the globe. Collected textiles and shoes are shipped to overseas grading stations where they are sorted by size, season, gender, and condition... then shipped to countries which are experiencing severe shortages of even the most basic clothing. Garments which are no longer wearable can be made into "rags" or pulled apart and reprocessed into fibers for paper, upholstery, and insulation materials. Cloths which can’t be recycled are composted whenever possible. Less than 5% of the unused clothing will end up as solid waste.

  Textile Recycling is easy with Retex Northwest's convenient bins.
Our strategy is simple: Recycle to help people and the environment.
Contact Retex Northwest to learn more about textile recycling in your area.
P.O. Box 13047
Mill Creek, Washington 98012

Monika Knotek
Vice President and General Manager
Ed Upenieks
Marketing and Public Relations

Phone: 425-742-8377
Fax: 425-743-4280

Distribution of unwanted clothing and shoes.
Graph showing distribution of unwanted clothing and shoes.

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