Our Team


Born 22.10.1941, Maturitaet/college 1958 in Prague, moved to Switzerland 1968, different managerial jobs, joined Texaid Switzerland in 1985 as director/ GM, retired 1996, tried (in vein)to establish cloth collections in NY and CA, and finally established Retex NW in 1998 together with his niece Monika, first bin placed 13.1.1999 (congratulations, Moni, for this anniversary!), and using his experience until today as a consultant in the second hand cloths trade.


Monika Knotek

Born in Prague in Czechoslovakia
Immigrated with my parents to Switzerland when I was a little girl
Grown up in the textile recycling industry in Switzerland
Married to USA
Had 2 sons
Started Retex in 1998 to introduce the European Recycling concept in the Northwest

Mr. John Anderson, Designer