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Worn here, then there. . .   MILL CREEK - Shirts, shoes and slacks worn around Snohomish County may show up halfway around the world one day, thanks to a local firm specializing in textile recycling. Retex Northwest Inc. is trying to increase the popularity of clothes recycling, a practice that's much more routine outside the U.S.

Read the full story in the Everett Herald, as writer By Eric Fetters profiles our recycling efforts in a September, 2005 article. The article will open in a PDF format.


Keeping clothing out of landfill. . .   Aluminum, paper, plastic, glass — the recycling of such goods is commonplace nowadays, with residents and businesses separating them from the waste stream as a matter of practice. The same cannot be said for clothing, however.

Snohomish County Business Journal Assistant Editor Kimberly Hilden reported on Retex Northwest in its December, 2005 edition.


Back to School Shopping with Retex Northwest. . .    Check out these facts: This season, parents are expected to spend an average of $443.77 on back-to-school shopping with more than $200 devoted to new clothes for their kids. Only 53.3% of parents will have their kids wear old clothes from last year. Most of the rest of the old clothes will wind up in the trash contributing to the more than 9 million tons of textiles thrown away in the U.S. each year.

Treehugger, which calls itself "the largest, most frequented green lifestyle blog on the net," has praised Retex Northwest for it's recycling efforts.